Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hi, as this is my first Blog I am both nervous and excited. It occurred to me as I was thinking about writing it, that new communication technologies cross the boundaries of age, responsibilities, lifestyle, careers and interests as children, teenagers, mothers and grandparents Text, Tweet and blog away whilst communicating and building relationship via social websites.
Iris clients also cross a wide age range from 20's to 60's, both men and women and what I love so much is that their commonality is the desire to have a Style which, whilst comfortable for them and expresses who they are is contemporary and aware. There is no denying that with age come changes to our body and appearance but we are no longer categorised by an age bracket and can be fashionable, sexy, stylish even trendy and that is also regardless of shape, size and colouring, the lines have become blurred. The way we dress, socialise and build relationships is now more about personality than age.
Iris Personal Styling works with it's clients to either develop their personal style as the foundation of their wardrobe or stay true to the style they are confident with , working with this as the basis for building a wardrobe with quality, style and value at its core.
I'll be blogging weekly with lots of tips and ideas but meantime find Iris at or email me at

Best wishes Gill

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Iris Personal Styling - a Spring Wardrobe

It's one of those rare days outside at the moment when the sun is actually shining and I'm finally thinking there maybe a glimmer of hope to ditch the winter coat and boots until ummm maybe next week! Personally I am more than ready to think about my Spring wardrobe and how I can lift the spirits by adding a few lighter, brighter pieces to my daily wear. My tip if you want to Refresh your wardrobe for Spring/ Summer but want to put value and quality back into your wardrobe is don't buy anything before youv'e organised and planned! and unless it's cheap or you don't need to think about money never buy on a wim! That might sound a bit controlled and boring but the satisfaction of buying something new to wear is doubled and enduring when you know it will work with the rest of your wardrobe, reduce the question of what to wear on a daily basis and still make you feel great when you bring it out the following year! hence the need for planning and organisation to get the most out of your shopping experience.

If you want a full list of tips on how to organise your wardrobe then go and look at the sample Magazine page ( April Issue no 1). You'll find other Spring styling tips there too.

Personally I find reviewing and reorganising my wardrobe twice a year a cathartic exercise so now's the time to do it and get your head in Spring mode! albeit a little later than usual!

Best wishes Gill