Friday, 11 June 2010

Sometimes you just have to turn things around to get a positive! When my lovely eight year old daughter lovingly patted my bum this morning whilst I struggled to get dressed and said " Mum, I love your bum its all soft and squidgy, funny when you wear your costumes it doesn't look big!" Whilst musing about the fact that at eight perhaps she should be saying "clothing" or " outfits" not costumes it also occurred to me that this comment was a great affirmation that I knew my job! clearly I know how to dress!
The next two comments cancelled each other out in the confidence stakes On one hand apparently having a big bum and legs means your'e really strong but I also have very big goosebumps!

Anyway back to something useful. The other week I recieved an email introducing me to a new website for Bespoke shoes. I've been looking for something like this for sometime to solve the too frequent problem of matching style, height and comfort and of course price for my clients. In the main the price excludes such options but not at Upper Street! Touched down on the web to check it out and what came up was a classy, easy to follow shoe lovers paradise. I still couldn't understand how they could possibly offer quality shoes at the prices quoted so I went to meet Julia Grindham who co-founded the company with her sister. The sisters aim was to offer quality shoes which the customer can design themselves through and easy step by step process but at High End High Street prices. I have touched and played and fingered materials, grilled Julia on everything I can think of and very happy to say Upper Street passed the Iris test! the icing on the cake is the beautiful packaging and a great little keyring you get as a first time customer, I'm having to hide it from my daughter and friends. I do think this site needs a Health Warning, seriously additive fun to be had ! Find Upper Street on my Faves page

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Best wishes Gill

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