Monday, 17 May 2010

Hi all, I am hoping to get into a weekly habit of blogging but it's been a busy month and I have literally shopped til I've dropped the only shame of it is none of it was for me! Correction I have bought a lovely pair of Diane Von Fustenberg harem pants, well I can't be sure that is quite the right exact on trend term but they are loose in the leg and cuffed just above the ankle in soft matt khaki satin and one of the most comfortable pairs of trousers I possess, a welcome relief after a long winter in jeans. I appreciate they are a difficult style to get away with and I think I sit on the edge of that statement a lot of the time, they have a tendency to emphasise the bum and hip area but if you are lucky enough to have slim hips or long legs then the style is a very comfortable and versatile option.
I also succumbed to a pair of Vera Wang sunglasses from my most favourite Optician duo Shafi and Shafi of Santro and Peche in Chiswick. I can't recommend their selection enough as they are passionate about their business, Shafi no1 is a trained practicing Optometrist he adds his knowledge to his own good eye for style and that of his cousin's Shafi no2.

So yes there was a little shopping for me! I've also written an article for Savvywoman which you can find it at http://www. id+273. The theme is Quality not Quantity focusing on putting value back into your wardrobe. Please sign up to you are there, Sarah Pennells very informative plain english site for those of us who find finance matters a little hard to unravel. She summarise the most relevant bits and what action to take and puts it into great easy to read articles, newsletters and tweets.
I'm also just about there with my monthly magazine launch so you will hear more on that in a few days!

Any questions email me at and find my website at where you can sign up to my newsletters, twitter and magazine.

Best wishes Gill

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  1. I have just bumped into your blog and followed it to your main website where I have now joined your mailing list.

    I look forward to receiving your mails.

    Helen Neely